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Latest News

26th April 2014 - We hit 9000 questions!
20th March 2014 - We hit 7000 questions!
13th March 2014 - We hit 6000 questions!
24th Feb 2014 - Gikiy received a $300 donation from Nathan Jones
24th Feb 2014 - We hit 2000 questions!
24th Feb 2014 - Gikiy's TV Advert is being animated for free by Joe Metcalf
23rd Feb 2014 - We hit 1000 questions!
23rd Feb 2014 - Mobile version of Gikiy was completed
3rd Feb 2014 - Gikiy gets its own dedicated server
12th Jan 2014 - First shoot for Gikiy's advert @ Realm Pictures [image 1] [image 2]
28th Dec 2013 - Simon recording the voice over for the animated advert [image 1] [image 2] who also voice acted Uniform Dating
24th Dec 2013 - The script for the Gikiy shoot is finalised

Developer Updates

16th March 2014 - Added Pagination to listings pages
15th March 2014 - Fixed tags not showing when editing questions.
12th March 2014 - Finally fixed the tags input boxes so it isn't so slow

Future Updates

- Update personal and global section of stats page
- Update "Add Questions" tagging section and "Already added Questions"
- Add "Report and refuse to answer" button
- Add scoring system
- Disable some buttons when clicked
- In "Add Questions" section -> Add loading animation when counting questions
- Update news/updates section on homepage to be more aesthetically pleasing.
- Make major update to questions section (Show clearly the correct answer, change design etc)

Plus loads more that are on the horizon!
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